Bellyman’s Holiday


Bellyman’s Holiday is a program of online classes offered as continuing education for professional piano technicians seeking to advance their skills. The classes can be just like university classes, with a group of students taking the class together; or taken individually and both with close interaction with the instructor (Ken Eschete). The key difference is that each student is sent a practice jig, upon which every part of the work is completed.

Upon completion of the classes, the students will have the option of traveling to the workshop of a participating rebuilder for several days of actually work on a piano. So far, there are three shops in the USA, and I hope to find others around the world. These are well known master rebuilders, and they will be joining together to provide the certification for those who complete the program.

Classes generally run for 9 weeks. Tuition is $290.00 / class. In-shop seminars generally run 5 days and cost $1,500.00, depending on the subject

Currently Available Classes:  

Bridge Capping: Available now

Soundboards: Starting This Fall

Pinblocks: TBA

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