Bellyman Certification Program

The Bellyman Certification Program teaches technicians how to replace soundboards, bridge caps and pinblocks.  The classes run online, but include a hands-on element that makes them effective and fun!

Featured Course: Soundboard Making
Piano rebuilding is already a satisfying addition for many piano tuning businesses. But increasingly, we are encountering “Golden Era” grands that have already been rebuilt once before. Many have new cracks that have appeared alongside the old shims; ribs are held to the soundboard with screws and epoxy; plate support dowels have been sawn away; with no crown remaining in the soundboard. Clearly, we rebuilders need to be able to replace soundboards.
Soundboard making is the ultimate challenge for any rebuilder, and it is a craft that has been closely guarded. This course is designed to break barriers, so that rebuilders can learn everything they need to know, right in their own workshops.
Our method for teaching these courses relies on a combination of video/lecturing, and a hands-on element that utilizes a practice jig. As you learn, you will actually be carrying out the work using the jig.. Through photos and video, the instructor is able to judge your progress and provide timely help.
 By the end of the course, you will have made the ribs, assembled the soundboard panel, built a soundboard press, built a hot-box, built a jig for radius-cutting ribs, glued up a radius-crowned soundboard, and glued on the bridge.
Want to learn how? Join Ken Eschete,RPT for Soundboard Making, starting April 1, 2018. Cost $390. Early-bird registration discounts available until March 1, 2018

Soundboard Promo-v3 from Virginia Gorlinski on Vimeo.


Sample of Bridge Capping Class

Upon completion of the classes, the students will have the option of traveling to the workshop of a participating rebuilder for several days of actually work on a piano. So far, there are three shops in the USA, and I hope to find others around the world. These are well known master rebuilders, and they will be joining together to provide the certification for those who complete the program.

Classes generally run for 9 weeks. Tuition is $390.00 / class. In-shop seminars generally run 5 days and cost $1,000.00.

Currently Available Classes:  

Bridge Capping: Available now

Soundboards: Starting April 1

Pinblocks: Starting June 1

Enroll in these classes by using the contact form at the top.