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Historical Piano Rebuilder and Restorer

Ken Eschete, RPT is owner of Bentside Arts in Spokane, Washington. Following his initial training at the North Bennet Street School, he continued his studies with Franz Mohr at Steinway and Andre Svitchlichny at Baldwin. After 20 years as the principal concert tuner in New Orleans, Ken took a job as head technician at the Northwestern University School of Music. He is the author of the Paraloid B72 Voicing Protocol and has published several  articles the Piano Technicians Journal and the Euro Piano. Those complete articles can be found here.

Ken also has credentials as a museum conservator, having trained at the Smithsonian Institution.  His restorations can be found in many museums, including the  Smithsonian Institution, the Vanderbilt /Roosevelt Historic Sites in Hyde Park, NY, and National Music Museum, in Vermillion SD.

wood turned art, wood turned large vase, wood turned redwood burl, yellow heart panels redwood turned vase, decorative wood pieces

Yet another facet of the work production is his woodturning.  His bowls and vases are made by gluing smaller pieces of wood into a perfect circle, and then building them up in layers that create decorative patterns. By returning them to the lathe after each segment is added, Ken turns them into traditional shapes inspired by Navaho Indian pottery. 

Check out his turned wood bowl collection here.