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Steinway technician spokane

Steinway technician spokane

KEN ESCHETE trained at Steinway Hall in Manhattan and at the famed North Bennett Street School in Boston. Following his training he was employed by Steinway in New Orleans, doing concert tuning and working for private individuals. He was appointed Director of Keyboard Maintenance at Northwestern University in Chicago where he led a staff of technicians caring for the 200 pianos at the Benin School of Music.

Ken become a resident of New Zealand in 2011, were he worked as senior technician and concert-tuner for many of Auckland’s concert organizations. He taught masterclasses for his fellow piano technicians in Australia and New Zealand through the Australasian Piano Technicians Association.

Bentside Arts was founded in April, 2013 as a business dedicated to providing the highest quality service. Ken relocated the business to Spokane, Washington in August of 2013.

Ken is a frequent instructor at regional and national PTG seminars and has taught technicians in New Zealand and Australia.  He has published 5 articles in the Piano Technicians Journal.

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