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Rates / Fees

Tuning and Minor Pitch Adjustment: $180.00

Ken is an aural tuner who is not dependent on any electronic devices. In situations in which the pitch of the piano needs to be stabilized, an electronic tuning device is used to measure and offset the pitch during the first of the two tunings that are required. After pre-tuning to a carefully calculated offset (usually sharp), the piano is then ready for the second tuning. Both tunings are included in the fee. This service takes one hour and thirty minutes.

Catch-up or Extended Service: $400.00

This extended service will transform your piano and is recommended for pianos that have gone for several years without tuning and includes repairs. This allows the technician time to do much more than just tuning depending on the need to the piano and the client. This is for getting your piano back into shape! This service takes up to three hours.