Pianos for Sale

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6’2″ MASON & HAMLIN Model AA grand piano  – $18,000

SEE VIDEO : https://www.pianomart.com/buy-a-piano/view?id=38562

Made in Boston in 1928, this one of the great pianos from the “Golden Era”.  It is newly refinished and restored to excellent playing condition.

The original soundboard still had 3mm of crown, so we shimmed the cracks with 1/4 sawn Sitka spruce.  The pin block has been replaced, the strings and tuning pins are new, and the damper felt is new.  The original action has been re-pinned and balanced; and a new set of Ronsen special felt hammers has been installed.  The piano was completely refinished using waterborne lacquer.

ERARD Grand Piano Ca.  1907 – (Click on Photos for Expanded View)

Restrung with Paulello wire.  New damper felt .  Rebuilt original action parts.